Saturday, August 31, 2013


There are many ways to propose to a girl, you can also take her to d sky via helicopter & say "Marry Me or Leave My helicopter now "

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Thursday, August 29, 2013


Men!!!Men!!!Men!!!they dnt kno what dey want,
So complicated,
So confusing
So hard to please.
If u try 2 pls dem,
u re cheap.
If u make love (sex) to them,
u r a wore
If u don't,
u re playing hard to get
If u show dem u love dem,
u re too emotional
If u don't show it ,
u don't love dem.
If u give them attention,
u r bugging them
if u don't give dem attention,
u r with other men
If u demand for attention,
u r a nagging woman.
if u don't Some1 is giving u attention outside
If u dress sexy,
u re attracting other men
If u don't u re awkward n local.:&
If u cook n wash their clothes
U re desperate
If u don't, u re not a wife material
If u go 2 club/party,
u re too exposed nd dey wil nt take u out
If u don't, u re naïve.
If u re beautiful,
u can't stay wit 1 man
If u re ugly,
u re not up to standard
If u re independent,
u re chasing men away
If u re dependent,
u re a liability
If u try 2 satisfy dem in bed
U re a sex addict
If u don't,
u re making sex boring
If u r pregnant,
u want to trap them go nd remove it
If u r not pregnant
u r not a woman or might hv damaged ur
If u ask men for money
U re too demanding:
What do men really want????????
does it mean they don't even know what
they want?????

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Monday, August 26, 2013

JOKE ON CHINKO PHONE and BLACKBERRY " meaning Nigerian Jokes On China Phones and Blackberry!

Blackberry don chop my money tire, na hym I come
vex yesterday sell am, come take some money from the one wey I sell the BB, buy China phone!

Now am in bigger trouble!!!
1. E go full after 3minutes of charging.
2. The phone get TV, Touch screen, AirCondition,
TorchLight, Nail cutter, Mirror,Firelighter, Opener
3. I fit write Text message with a toothpick sef.
4. The spelling get mistakes e.g NokLa, blackderry,
i-Indecency, samswag, LD etc.
5. When aeroplane pass e go record "One missed
6. When a big truck horn; e go show "Charger
connected" .
7. When Chinese man pass e go show: "One
Bluetooth device found".
8. When fine gal waka pass, e go show "U have a
new msg".
9. When ugly gal waka pass, e go show, "Virus
Abeg I wan sell am! Who wan buy oooh?...
Even as I dey find buyer,e dey show me for screen:
"No contact found"

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