Wednesday, September 4, 2013


A fat man saw an advertisement,
"Lose 5kg in a Week." He called
and said,"I would like to join!" Lady: Ok!

Be ready tomorrow at 6 am. Next
morning,he gets to the office & he was taken to a room.
He opens the door and finds a hot babe in only a shirt And underpants. She said, "If u catch
me u can furck me!" & the girl starts running. The man starts running but couldn't catch her.
So during the whole week,he tried to catch her but couldn't & lost 5kg.

He then asks for the 10kg program. Next morning at 6am,he opens the door and finds a more hotter babe in a bikini who said, "If you catch me,you furck me." He lost 10kg that week.

So,he thought this program is awesome! He requested a 25kg program. The lady said, "Are U sure?It's really tough!! He replied, ''am more than ready''

The next day at 6am,he opens the door expecting to see a naked babe but finds a Naked MAD MAN who said, "If I Catch U,I Furck U!!!!"

That week,the man lost 65 kg.
Hehehe lol an started looking for hospital where they do flesh fattening surgical operation!

Hehehhe lolzzz!!!

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